Will We See Sports Betting in Canada This Year?

In the latest in the bookie software industry, we’re taking a look at the developments of sports betting in Canada. Currently, there are two Senate committee hearings on the country’s sports betting bill, C-218. The Senate has to clear the bill before June ends to...

The New Jersey Sports Betting Handle for April Shows Decline

In the latest sports betting and gambling industry news, we are taking a look at the New Jersey sports betting handle for April. New Jersey is one of the biggest sports betting markets in the country. However, even New Jersey is not spared from the lower handle this...

Why We May Not Be Seeing Alabama Sportsbooks Soon

Many sports bettors in Alabama were looking forward to seeing a legalized sports betting market. If many other states are able to pass a bill and operate a betting market, then Alabama should have no problems doing so. Not only that, but it is now so easy to open an...

PricePerPlayer.com is Restructuring their Business with Lower Pay Per Head Prices

San Jose, Costa Rica – PricePerPlayer.com, the leading Sportsbook Pay Per Head provider in the industry is changing its price per player model.  The typical model for a bookie Pay Per Head company is to charge a weekly fee for each active gambler. The price range for...

Type of Players in Your Sportsbook

When you start your sportsbook, your goal is to get more players to join and regularly place bets in your sportsbook. But knowing who you let into your sportsbook is important. You will have to build a good professional relationship with them, and knowing what kind of...

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DiscountPayPerHead.com Review

DiscountPayPerHead.com Review

Discount Pay Per Head Service Today we will be bringing you our DiscountPayPerHead.com review, as reviewed by our in-house pay per head experts. As we look through different bookie pay per head providers, we are able to see which ones have good quality and highly...

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2021 Super Bowl Roster

2021 Super Bowl Roster

The 2021 Super Bowl is just around the corner, and many bookie PPH sportsbook operators are busy with the volume of wagers for tomorrow’s game. But the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs have rosters full of great talent. We’ll take a look at the...

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